Egg fried rice


Happy Chinese New year!!

I’ve never been a big fan of rice but I’m starting to come around. I should eat more Chinese dishes as well, homemade not takeaway, it delicious and a lot of it is very healthy as well. It’s just that when you order takeaway you tend to pick the unhealthiest things on the menu. But there are a lot of soups and great veggie dishes I would like to try. I just need to learn a little more about the spices and cooking methods, it a whole other world from what I’m used to. And every recipe I wanna try has this very elusive little ingredient… Chinese five spice. Can’t be found here, so I need to make some for myself. I’ve just never gotten around to finding out what those five spices are…

Today’s dinner was super easy though, rice, peas and peppers. Should have added som chili as well, but I was all out of fresh one, so I seasoned with some chilli flakes. A rasher of bacon, some garlic and spring onion, fried up in a hot pan with the rice and then a egg added at the end. So quick and simple , and very tasty. Now I just have to think of a rice dish for this weekend ’cause I have a lot of cooked rice left now…


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