A childhood favourite! Yes, I know I’m the one with weird taste…

I was so worked up for pancake day (yeay, just one day left!) that I completely forgot that I need to eat today as well. So, roaming around the store, I wasn’t in the mood for anything until I saw the blackpudding. I hadn’t had it in a long time and thought, why not?

I started thinking about flavours and flavour combinations. There’s nvot a lot of people who like blackpudding. And as far as combinations go I’m guessing that this is a pretty odd one, blackpudding, lingonberry jam and orange juice. It should clash, and to most people I probably does, but it’s what I’m used to. It’s something about the vitamin C in the juice and the iron in the blackpudding. I know your not supposed to drink milk, cause the kalcium stops your body from absorbing the iron.  The most unscientific explanation ever, but there it is. Anyways….

The blackpudding was really good, with some jam, a cabbage/carrot/apple sallad,  and of course some orange juice. Now I need to decide on what pancakes I’m making tomorrow!


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