Falafel burger/homemade buns


A spin – off of yesterday’s dinner,  with homemade burger buns…

Since a whole can of chickpeas makes a pretty big batch off falafel mix and I really couldn’t think of anything else to use the chickpeas for, I decided to go for burgers today. I was pretty convenient too, since I made the patty yesterday all I had to do today was the buns.

Surprisingly enough,  there wasn’t a bun recipe on the sorted app so I’m adding mine. It’s from Flippin’ Burgers in Stockholm, I’ve flipped through their book more than once, and it’s on my wish list. This time however, I found the recipe online, and I am very glad I did, cause it couldn’t have been easier.

And now I have lots of buns in my freezer as well. Someone suggested I should do a burger week just like I did with pizza week, and maybe it’ll be coming up soon. Now I’m prepared! Any other themed weeks you think I should do? Leave a comment down below…


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