Proper Swedish meatballs


Celebrating 100 followers on with the quintessential Swedish dish…

I took some ground beef out of the freezer this morning, and thought that I might make meatballs today, if I have the energy for it when I get home. Otherwise there always something I can do, it’s a very veritable ingredient, and I didn’t feel like having chicken or fish.. And then it just so happens,  today’s tbt-video was abou meatballs. I’ll take it as a sign.

Because everybody knows meatballs is the quintessential Swedish dish, just take a look at an Ikea near you! When I lived in the U.S. we once drove for two hours just to walk around Ikea and have some meatballs. And then we bought a pack of frozen ones to take home… And still, order meatballs anywhere outside the nordic countries, and what you get us all neither looks or tastes like meatballs. So I figured I would share a proper meatball recipe. Of course, mine completely fell apart. Making meatballs is a skill and requires some practice,  and I haven’t made any in a long time, so I was setting myself up for disaster. But that doesn’t matter, they were still delicious! And served with mash, brown sauce and lingonberry jam, and a glass of ice cold milk. It’s like re – living childhood in a way…


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