Steak and chips


Lots of things that have to be done simultaneously, but the end result is great. I think I did a decent job…

And yes, for those of you wondering I’m turning more and more British everyday. Let’s not have the big chips vs. fries debate, I’m just noting that my word choices are shifting from American to British English. I completely blame Sorted Food and Top Gear (which are the only shows I’m watching right now). And Sherlock, isn’t time for a new season soon? Not that I have time to watch TV anyway.

These days all my free time seems to be spent in the kitchen, outdoors or at the gym. To be honest it’s mostly the first and not so much of the other two, but it sounds better like that, don’t you think? Today I put a lot of energy in the kitchen, baking crispbread to get some half decent photos for my recipe.  And then I decided to try and defeat my old nemesis from new years eve, the bearnaise sauce. Proportions were a little off,  but at least it didn’t split this time! Super happy about that! But between the sauce and worrying abou boiling oil while deep frying sweet potato chips, I kind of neglected the steak. I’m not sure but I could have sworn I heard a moo as I cut in to it. I like a medium rare steak, but not bloody rare. It was edible, but the chips and bearnaise were the stars on my plate, follow closely by the sugar snap peas, to which I have become quite addicted…


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