White salmon pizza


A pizza, and not a tomato in sight…

I wanted to do a pizza that was as far away from the traditional pizza as I could think of but still was a real pizza. So I thought, what is the most typical thing in a pizza, what is always there? Well, the tomato sauce of course!

So today I though I would take the tomato away, and make something completely different. I knew I wanted to do a fish pizza and after thinking about it for a couple of days, trying to find good flavour combinations, I decided to go with smoked salmon and asparagus, on a base of cream cheese, leek, chives and spring onion. For a first try, it came out tasting amazing. The one thing  I would tweak next time is the saltiness. The salmon in it self is quite salty, and I need something to counter that. And this is were my cooking skills, or knowledge, is a bit off. I don’t really know how to. I could need a few cooking 101 – classes to fill up the gaps in my food theory. What flavours balance each other out, which flavours go good together? I think that knowing these things makes it easier to experiment in the kitchen, you get more confident and therefore you dare try out new things. Does it make any sense?

Well, sometimes you need to do a little experimenting, no matter what your skill level is, and today’s experiment turned out great. Tomorrow will be another experiment day. I will bring back the flavours of traditional pizza in the most untraditional pizza dish I could think of. Stay tuned…

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What are you eating today?


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