Warm winter salad


Don’t know what to make for dinner? Well, that’s me in a nutshell, every day. But inspiration can come from where you least expect it…

I work at a preschool and we have a little play kitchen where the kids can set the table, make food and play house. This afternoon I was invited to dinner by one of the kids, he had mad a salad for me…


Potato, corn, pear and bell pepper. And all I could think was that those flavours probably work pretty good together. Maybe we have a little master chef in the making… Anyway, it got me thinking of a warm potato/pear salad, and when I got home, that’s kind of what I made. Honey glazed parsnip, pear and smoked sausage with feta cheese, tomatoes and a garlic crème fraiche… I was a little afraid that there were to many conflicting flavours in the dish, but it worked out really well together. Perfect for a cold winter evening, a warm winter salad!

Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting.

What are you eating today?


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