Chicken tray bake


Great flavours and minimum amount of dishes, what’s not to love?

Tuesday is kitchen day for me. I get out from work early and I have the whole afternoon to myself. I could use the time to organise my closets (much needed), clean my apartment  (dito) or do something, anything useful. Or I can play around in the kitchen… So, today I’ve made energy boosting snacks! Basically its dried fruits, seeds and nuts on different combinations. I did one with dates, lime and coconut and one with raisins and sunflower-, pumpkin- and sesame seeds. Easy, a little time consuming, very tasty!

For dinner, I was in the mood for chicken. So the recipe of the day: Chicken tray bake looked very yummy in my eyes. That it was easy and pretty much cooked itself was just a bonus. But I have to put my twist on it of course, and this time I put some extra effort into the pesto. I made a red pepper pesto by roasting a bell pepper in the oven ’til the skin starts to blacken. Peeled off the skin and blitzed it up with some pine nuts and a clove of garlic. While the chicken was marinating in the pesto, the potatoes were roasting in the oven. When they were half done, we add the chicken, some tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic and just put it back in the oven. Couldn’t be easier!

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What are you eating today?


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