Mac ‘n’ cheese in a…ramekin


Was having a bad day so I set the bar low – and managed to mess up mac ‘n’ cheese…

Tired, irritated and hungry is not a good state of mind. I’m trying to cut down on carbs,  but after seeing today’s SORTED video I reasoned with myself: I am running tomorrow, and you need to fill up with carbs in order to have a successful work – out,  so I should eat pasta today… The fact that im running about 2,5 km in 30 minutes is just completey ignored, I act as if I’m about to run a marathon. Am I the only one who does this?

Anyway, when I had finally decided on pasta, it was now 8 pm and I was not in the mood for cooking, so I opted for Smokey mac ‘n’ cheese in a mug, I’ve made it before and know that it’s quick and delicious. I boiled the pasta, mixed with cream, cheese, spring onion, red onion and crisp, smoked pancetta. I put it in the oven and… somehow ended up with crispy, crunchy mac ‘n’ cheese….

It was edible, it actually tasted quite ok, but it looked like the train wreck to match my day, so I might just be giving this one another try another time. But for now, I’m going to bed and ending this day.

Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting.

What are you eating today?


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