Potato Soufflé


To make your Monday a little more luxurious. The best soufflé I’ve ever had…

…but to be honest, it’s the only soufflé I’ve ever had. I’m really proud that it came out so good though, I was ready for it to collapse completely, but it stayed up! Soufflés are supposed to be hard, but maybe it was just beginners luck. Maybe it was because of the potatoes, I have no idea.

I guess you have to be a little crazy to come home after work a on a Monday and think to yourself: “What should I have for dinner? Oh, I know, I’ll make a soufflé!” But yeah, I’ve never been known for my sanity… 😁

The recipe is here (soon) and it wasn’t as hard as I expected, the only thing that really worried me is that I split the recipe by 4, and how long was this little mini – soufflé supposed to be in the oven? I’ve never stared in to an oven as much as I have today. I’ve also never used the word soufflé so many times before. This might the the most soufflé – heavy post on the Internet.  Soufflé, soufflé, soufflé… There, that should do it…

Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting.

What are you eating today?


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