Patatas Bravas w. Chicken


Barcelonas favourite dinner(?) and a good use of potatoes….

After being away all day I didn’t really have time for a big Sunday roast or something,  so I open the cupboard to check what in there, what can I make without going to the store? What I find is loads and loads of potatoes, that would have to be the base of today’s dish. After some research (4000 Google searches for potato dish) I finally settled for patatas bravas which I had in Barcelona last year. (Thanks for inspiration Itin)

Since I’m only cooking for one, I thought turning on the oven to toast potatoes was a little overkill, surley it must be just a easy to roast in a pan? Yes and no, I find its harder to get the heat right on the stove. Either nothing happens or you’re making charcoal, well maybe not, but you get the idea. Maybe its just me being a little to impatient…

This time I started with a sizzling hot pan and almost immediately turned it down to a medium heat and covered it in tin foil to keep the steam and heat in. It took maybe 10-15 minutes until the spuds (diced up) were golden brown on the outside and soft in the middle. I added some already cooked chicken to the pan to heat up but you  an leave it out for a vegetarian alternative. I made a tomato sauce of the last leftover canned tomato, some onion, garlic and chili. Easy-peasy…

I used this recipe as a cheat sheet, but as usual it was more inspiration than following directions. I promise one day I will actually follow a recipe, I’ll make a big thing of it if and when I do…

Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting.

What are you eating today?


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