Fake pasta and baked cod


A low-carb dinner followed by a high-carb dessert…

I bought this veggie tool last summer, used it once or twice and after that it’s been sitting on my shelf. Unfortunately, because it’s just as quick to prep and cook courgetti as it is to cook spagetti, and so much healthier. So I was so happy to be reminded by today’s recipe; baked cod and courgetti with Asian pesto. For once I almost cooked by the recipe. But on second thought… Since banana leafs don’t grow on trees (at least not here) I wrapped the fish in tin foil. I swapped the peanuts for cashews, ’cause that’s what I had at home, and added some carrots to the courgette. But otherwise pretty much the same.


So a low-carb dinner leaves lots of room for a high-carb dessert. Chocolate and peanut butter fondant, in a mug. Quite simply amazing! Not an everyday treat, but once in a while… so good! Thank God It’s Friday…

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What are you eating today?


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