Tomato Soup w. Quinoa


Chili makes this fast and easy soup a hot kick on a cold day…

It was time to clean out the fridge a little. I had leftover quinoa, leftover canned tomatoes, even leftover chopped – up onions! What’s so great about this simple tomato soup is that it is so easy to costumize; you can add whatever veggies you feel would work with tomato. You could add some beef or bacon, a dollop of crème fraiche… It’s a great dish to start experimenting with.

I drew inspiration from this tomato/basil/quinoa recipe, but mine was a very simplified version, but still so good. I love the fact that you can “hide” a lot of different veggies  in this dish. I, for example, struggle to find a good use for celery. I know it’s nutritious but I can’t get used to the taste, but here I feel it added flavour without taking over. Give it a try, you’re bound to succeed!
(Link to my recipe…)

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What are you eating today?


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