Tortellini w. creme cheese and basil


Ah, now we’re back on track! Delicious!

It isn’t often one is at home on a Tuesday to catch @sortedfood as they’re uploading new content. Was the 4th view according to youtube but I resisted the urge to call First! in the comment section. What good will come out of that? Instead I boxed my plans for salmon burger dinner (it became lunch instead and I’ll keep that photo in case of emergency for another day) and started making pasta dough instead.

The first batch was a complete failure, mostly because I don’t understand how one can possibly fail at mixing egg and flour. I’ve now come to terms with the fact that Swedish hens are probably smaller (or cheaper) than other hens and therefor lay smaller eggs, making the pasta dough way to dry. But this was something I learned in hindsight, so the first batch ended up in the trash. The second batch I made by hand and left some of the flour out when I felt the consistency of the dough was right. I won’t bore you with recipe details, full recipe is available on and will also be one of the first entries on my homepage; Recreated Recipes, when it goes live. I’ll let you know when that happens. Tomorrow will be minced meat day, it’s all prepared in the fridge…


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