Smoked pork loin with. rice and veg


Most food blogs focus on stunning, beautiful food. I seem to be going in another direction…

Jokes aside, this dish may not have made a pretty picture, but it tasted good. I realise though, that if this is going to work out, my dinner plans have to become more structured than “Hm, I wonder what is in the freezer tonight?” Tomorrow is a national holiday which means I have lots of time to plan ahead for upcoming dinners and also to make something a little more advanced, check back tomorrow to see what it is.

Tonight, what I found was smoked pork loin. It’s a cheap, very common piece of meat here, but Google tells me it’s not that common outside of Sweden. Suggestions of similar product were Canadian bacon and Gammon. It’s not quite the same though. Kassler, as it’s called here, is a cured, smoked meat that can be eaten without additional cooking. It’s sometimes a sub situate for e.g. bacon, but also the bade of various everyday dishes. I’m sure a few of them will pop up on the blog over time. This time it was just quickly pan fried, served with rice, peas, corn and bell peppers and a sauce with mushrooms. Again, I apologise for the presentation…


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